What...We love Food!

The first time Luke and I met we bonded over our love for all things cooking and food. In fact, our first date I made Luke enchiladas because I had lost a bet to him! The bet was his way of guaranteeing a date with me, sneaky but I did not mind. For the bet the challenge was to make him Tex-Mex style enchiladas which turned out so awful but they still got me a second date. Since then our food has definitely evolved and improved and of course he put a ring on it! He now makes the enchiladas and I have to say they are so much better than mine. Now we love all things food from simple to difficult and like to try lots of new recipes and restaurants whenever we get the chance. 

L Squad Forms

Our plan, was to wait at least three years to have kids but God definitely had a different plan than us. We had three glorious months of being married before our first little surprise came. Thus, we celebrated our one year wedding anniversary with our two week old son Levi, ate some AMAZING tacos, and of course devoured the top of our wedding cake. Not the way we thought we would be spending it but we would not change it for the world! 

We decided since our family started earlier than we planned to continue down that path. When Levi was two we decided to start trying for another. Like Luke always says "we rolled the dice and got doubles!" We were utterly shocked that we were pregnant with twins then even crazier twin girls! We had always said if we had a girl we would name her Lilly so Twin A's name was decided right off the bat. Twin B on the other hand not so much. It took quite some time but finally decided if we were going to name two kids with L names we had to go all in! Thus, we landed on Lucca for Twin B and the L Squad was formed!

Now, you are probably wondering what the M stands and I really thought about not telling you but that's no fun! It stands for Mikala, the one and only M in this family!