Blueberry Margarita

Blueberry Margarita

If you cannot tell I love to make margaritas and all different kinds. This is one of most requested margarita, the blueberries are a nice balance to the citrus without overpowering the sweetness. It takes a few extra steps then a traditional margarita but I promise it is worth it!


You will need a blender or a a emulsion blender even though it's on the rocks.

  • Ingredients

    Serving size: one delicious drink

    • 2 oz of tequila
    • 1 oz of orange liquor, triple sec works great also
    • 0.75 oz of organic agave
    • 1 oz of water
    • 1 whole lime, juiced
    • 1/3 cup of fresh blueberries 
    • Ice
  • Directions

    1. Combine the agave, water, juiced lime, orange liquor, blueberries, and tequila in a blender or in a shaker cup if using a emulsion blender.
    2. Blend until the blueberries are pureed, if using a blender then pour everything in a shaker cup.
    3. Fill the shaker with ice and shake until cold
    4. Strain using a fine mesh filter so there is no pulp and pour over ice. 

    Try not to say "yum" with your first sip! Also, you can throw a few blueberries in the bottom of the glass so you have a treat when you are making your next round.

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