Mango Chico

Mango Chico

I always enjoy making cocktails for Mikala, so when she was pregnant with the twins I had to get extra creative to find something that was light and refreshing. Thus, the Mango Chico was discovered. It has become one of my go to mocktails for kids and even adults. I know you will enjoy!

  • Ingredients

    Serving size: one delicious drink

    • 2 oz of mango juice or any other high concentrate fruit juice
      we use the Mango Nectar from Costco
    • 1 - 11.75 oz bottle of Topo Chico or any sparklingly mineral water
    • 1/2 lime juiced 
    • Ice, optional
  • Directions

    1. Pour the 2 oz of mango juice and lime juice into the glass
    2. Slowly pour the Topo Chico or sparklingly mineral into the glass and give it a small stir to make sure everything is mix together well
    3. You can add ice if you prefer

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