Poolside Margaritas

Poolside Margaritas

It's summer and you want to go to the pool but not feeling a beer and can't bring glass. No worries at all we got you covered! This is a great recipe, it's not limited to the pool but also can be enjoyed at the house as pre-made margaritas, for a large party, or to bring to someone's house. I mean it comes in it's own plastic pitcher!

  • Ingredients

    Serving size: one delicious pitcher / depends on what you consider the size of one margarita...we don't judge only encourage 

    • 1 Bottle of Simple Limeade 1.75 L/59 oz
    • 12 oz of  tequila
    • 6 oz Grand Marnier or Triple Sec
  • Directions

    1. Take 20 oz of limeade out of the bottle of Limeade
    2. Pour the tequila and Grand Marnier inside the bottle
    3. Shake it like a salt shaker
    4. Take to the pool, pour over ice, and let everyone else think your just drinking limeade!


    Don't throw away the limeade you pour out of the bottle. Save it and you make our quick and easy margaritas with it!

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