Thai Iced Coffee

Thai Iced Coffee

This has become a afternoon staple at our house, it is refreshing and the sweeten condense milk gives the drink a rich creaminess that is oh so good! Also, gives you the extra energy kick that we all need to get through the rest of the day.

  • Ingredients

    Serving size: one delicious drink

    • 3/4 cup of really strong coffee
    • 1/4 - 1/2 cup of milk
    • 2 - 3 TBS of sweeten condense milk
    • Ice
  • Directions

    1. Brew your coffee, the stronger the better. You are adding milk and ice to the coffee so it will weaken the intensity of the coffee so double or triple the amount of coffee grinds when brewing. We use the AeroPress Coffee Maker so if you have one below is the directions, but if you do not no worries make your coffee like you normally do.
    2. If you brew your coffee ahead of time then place it in your refrigerator to cool down or if you are like us and brew it when you want it then skip this step. Adding the cold milk to the coffee reduces the temperature enough so it will not melt the ice completely watering down the coffee.
    3. Add 2 TBS of sweeten condense milk and the 1/4 cup of milk of choice to the coffee and stir. We use almond milk since that's what we always have on hand.
    4. Taste the drink at this point, if it's great then just add ice and enjoy! If you want it sweeter than add the other TBS of sweeten condensed milk and/or if you do not want as strong of a coffee taste than add the other 1/4 cup of Milk. Mikala likes 2 TBS of Sweeten Condensed Milk and I like mine sweeter so I add 3 TBS. I like mine with a stronger coffee flavor so I add only 1/4 cup of milk. Once you get the sweetness and coffee and milk ratio right add ice and enjoy!


    AeroPress Coffee Maker Directions:

    1. Coarsely grind 8 TBS of coffee beans and place in a regular glass
    2. Bring 3/4 cup of water to a boil, I know you can get technical and get the water to a perfect temperature but at this time I don't have the fancy tea kettle to do day tho, one day! 
    3. Pour the water over the coffee grinds, stir making sure all the grinds get wet, and let brew for 5 minutes
    4. Take your AeroPress, place a filter in the bottom if you are using a paper filter then wet it and work out the air bubbles using the stir stick it comes with.
    5. Assemble the AeroPress except for the plunger and place on top of another glass. Then pour the brewed coffee into the AeroPress and push the plunger down filtering out the coffee grinds from the freshly brewed coffee. Stop when you hear a hissing sound.
    6. Now your ready for step 3 on the directions above to complete your Thai Iced Coffee!

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