Traditional Margarita

Traditional Margarita

This has been my staple margarita recipe for years now, it's fresh and simple. You cannot go wrong with this recipe! I typically use Grand Marnier but if I don't have it then a triple sec or a orange liquor works great also.

  • Ingredients

    Serving size: one delicious drink

    • 2 oz of tequila, I recommend a 100% agave reposado 
    • 1 oz of Grand Mariner, triple Sec, or orange liquor 
    • 1 oz of ogranic agave
    • 1 oz of water
    • 1 whole lime, juiced
    • Ice
  • Directions

    1. Combine the agave, water, juiced lime, Grand Mariner, and tequila in a shaker.
    2. Stir to dissolve the agave, you want to make sure the agave is mixed in well before you put the ice in. Once the ice is in, the agave hardens due to the coldness of the ice and is harder to mix in.
    3. Fill the shaker with ice and shake until cold
    4. Strain and pour over ice then enjoy!

    My recommendation always make at least 2 that way you don't have to come back so quick and make another! To make a pitcher just multiple the recipe by how many drinks you want.

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