Uncle Evan's Smashburger

Uncle Evan's Smashburger

Uncle Evan

This is my favorite recipe for classic American diner style burgers, I experimented with several burger recipes and cooking methods and came up with this. It’s become a favorite with my family. Quality of ingredients in = quality of the food out. I buy USDA prime ground chuck 80/20 from the meat counter at HEB that is ground fresh each day. If you don’t have access to an HEB or that specific meat, buy the freshest highest quality ground beef you can find at the grocery store or local butcher shop, 80% lean 20% fat is what you need to buy. 20% fat keeps the meat from drying out when cooking. Also do not buy the ground beef that comes in the tube, when its smushed together in the tube it ruins the texture of the meat which is important for the patties. I also buy fresh sliced yellow American cheese from the deli counter, not craft or pre packages slices, the additives in prepackaged cheese to effect how it melts. I buy fresh buns and vegetables as well. With all of this being said, its still an affordable meal, $20 is enough to make burgers for 4 people.

  • Cooking Method

    Prep Time: 5 min

    Cook Time: 5-7min

    Cooking Method: Cast iron skillet or griddle top 

    Cooking Temp: High 

  • Ingredients

    • 1 pound of USDA Prime ground chuck, 80/20
    • Iceberg Lettuce, chopped 
    • 1 Tomato, sliced 
    • Deli Yellow American Cheese, sliced on #2 one slice per patty 
    • Burger Buns, fresh from the bakery if you can
    • Soft butter
    • Sea Salt
    • Pepper or favorite steak rub
  • Directions

    1. Take the ground beef out the refrigerator 30 minutes to hour before cooking and set on the counter to allow the meat to come up to room temperature. The meat takes the flavors of the seasoning better when its cooked starting at room temp.
    2. Take 3 - 4 ounces of ground meat and lightly form it in a ball. Very lightly form the ball, if the meat is over packed it will ruin the texture of the patty. Each ball makes a single patty. Try to make the balls consistent in size so the patties cook in a uniform time.
    3. Heavily salt and lightly pepper each ball of ground meat. Do Not season by mixing the ingredients into the meat then forming the balls. This ruins the texture and flavor of the patty.
    4. Slice and chop the vegetables.
    5. Slice the burger buns in half, liberally spread soft butter on each slice side of each half of the bun.
    6. Pre-heat a griddle top or cast iron pan on high. Once it is smoking hot lightly coat the surface with cooking oil. Use a oil that has a high smoking point, do not use olive oil.
    7. Put a ball of ground beef on the griddle top, then immediately smash down into a patty using spatula or cast iron burger press, it should be about 1/4” to 1/2” thick. Try to get an even thickness so the burgers cooked evenly, shape is not as important. Hold the press for 5 - 10 seconds, this creates a caramelized crust on the patty that gives it a good texture. 
    8. Once the patty starts to brown on the edges flip the patty. This takes from 1 to 3 minutes depending on hot the cooking surface is, and how thick the patties are.
    9. After flipping the patty immediately put the cheese.
    10. Cook for another 1 to 2 minutes until the patty is cooked to medium, a nice pink middle.
    11. Toast the buns on the griddle top sliced and buttered side down. The steam from the butter heats the buns and the toasting creates a nice crunch. I do this while cooking the patties so everything comes off at the same time.
    12. Take everything off the griddle top and assemble your burger with you favorite fixings and condiments. I personally like double patties with a slice of American cheese on each, with lettuce, tomato and mayo.

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